Joshua P. Hill

Here you can find Keynote files for my lectures as well as PowerPoint versions. Due to the way DropBox handles Keynote files (or fails to handle them) these are in a compressed (ZIP) format which you will need to download and unpack to use. I offer no guarantee as to the functionality of the PowerPoint files.

Chapter 4 (Keynote)
Chapter 4 (PPT)
Chapter 5 (Keynote)
Chapter 5 (PPT)
Chapter 6 (Keynote)
Chapter 6 (PPT)
Chapter 7 (Keynote)
Chapter 7 (PPT)
Chapter 8 (Keynote)
Chapter 8 (PPT)
Chapter 9 (Keynote)
Chapter 9 (PPT)
Chapter 10 (Keynote)
Chapter 10 (PPT)